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Sometimes you can get a free baby gift or gift card when you complete a baby registry. Free baby stuff might be closer to you than you think. Lots of people hang on to their old baby stuff and are just waiting to give it to someone who needs it. Check with your friends and family to see if they have, or know someone who has, free baby stuff hanging around. You might be able to score free baby clothes, strollers, cribs, and more! Requesting free samples of diapers, joining diaper reward programs, and signing up for diaper company mailing lists are just a few ways that you can get free diapers.

You can get free baby formula samples and even full sized containers of baby formula from places like Walmart and companies like Enfamil. Not only will you save money but you'll get to try a bunch of new baby formulas to see which one your baby likes the best! Whether you're looking for free baby samples of medicine, formulas, wipes or just about anything else, you're going to find them on this list of places where you can get free baby samples. You can get free baby stuff from Huggies Rewards by collecting points from Huggies diapers and other Huggies products.

These points add up fast and you can redeem them for free baby coupons, gift certificates, books, and toys. The codes can be redeemed for free baby stuff like baby food, toys, gift cards, baby gear, and books. Sometimes it's a free gift with purchase but once in awhile a fantastic coupon code will come around that will let you get some completely free baby stuff.

To find the coupons, check out the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts and keep your eye out for online coupons for baby products and other things you need. Freecycle is a place where people post stuff that they don't want anymore. Instead of dealing with the hassle of selling it, they just want to get rid of it.

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Like they say, another person's trash could be your treasure. There's a ton of free baby stuff just waiting out there on Freecycle and you've just got to go looking for it. If there's some baby stuff that you want but it isn't free, just keep an eye on the listing. If the item has been listed for awhile and isn't selling, contact the seller and see if you can possibly get it for free. Most of the times the seller will want to unload it anyway if the item doesn't sell. You never know until you ask! Be aware that taking a used crib and other baby items can be risky at times, given recalls, outdated building materials such as lead paint , and simply not knowing what the whole history of the item, so do as much research as possible to make sure your baby will be safe.

Free Baby Samples and Freebies

Convince a family member or friend to throw you a baby shower and invite everyone you know. They'll want to celebrate this happy time with you and shower you in free baby stuff. When people have garage sales, they often get rid of the stuff they don't sell when the garage sale is over. You might be surprised at all the free baby stuff you can score if you just ask.

You don't need to wait for garage sale season to get free baby stuff from your neighbors anymore. Facebook Marketplace allows you to browse your local area for free baby stuff. Use the "Only Show Free Listings" option to see only the completely free baby stuff offered.

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I recently did a search in my area and I found a free toddler bed, bounce chair, formula, baby bath, toys, car seats, clothes, a stroller, and lots more. Baby swaps or kid swaps are when a group of parents get together and trade baby stuff they don't want anymore for baby stuff they do want. These can be a great opportunity to get rid of your old baby stuff and get some brand new free baby stuff. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. These samples seem to come from multiple brands and they do all of the research for you. Aside from the samples, they also show you ways to get other free baby-related items, such as magazines, coupons, and other ongoing rewards, via their constantly sent out newsletter.

ECO by Naty will send you 10 free eco-diapers, ranging from sizes one to four — your choice. Just add the freebies to your checkout, register on the website and only pay a small shipping fee. Click on the link above and contact your local diaper bank for more information on how you can qualify. As all states will have its own organizations and groups which are able to help you with your diapers, it can be hard to list the hundreds of agencies on this page.

Here, the website did an awesome job listing the hundreds of organizations, broken down by each state, to show you how you can get help with free diapers. If you need help and you truly think you qualify, I highly recommend you contact some of the organizations on that list to see if they are willing to help.

The Pampers Gifts to Grow Program and Huggies Rewards , for example, will eventually send you a free diaper coupon once you amass a certain amount of points. Create a free account on the website and every time you make a purchase, look for the code inside of the box and enter it in your account. As I write this, Huggies will give you points just for joining, while Pampers will give you points after registering. If you feel you do not qualify for free diapers or you already exhausted the other methods, then consider signing up for research groups which pay you to take surveys.

Just answer questions honestly and the companies will reward you for research purposes. It all really depends on how hard you work at it. Nature One offers a sample program which allows you to sample just about anything on the website. When talking with the representative, see if you can get a sample kit sent to your home as many people have had luck in doing so. If the rep agrees, this kit includes not only a can of formula, but it will also include a onesie and even exclusive coupons.

Aside from these bonuses, the company will send special offers, exclusive coupons, a feeding guide and much more throughout the year. In this picture I found online , it appears the inclusions are different, but you can expect to receive some awesome coupons and a small random selection of formulas.

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Sign up for StoreBrandFormula. When signing up, do not be surprised if the company states the coupons are out of stock since the company is quite the hit in the freebie world. Since these brands often want you to get hooked on their product, they will ship samples to doctors throughout the country, and while your doctor may give them to you, in some cases, you may have to ask for a sample. Even in some cases, they may be able to offer you a free coupon which you can then redeem at a local retailer.

Most hospitals will usually give you the samples without asking, but just in case, it never hurts to ask. As long as you financially qualify and meet the requirements, be sure to apply for the government program, WIC Women, Infants, and Children. Once you sign up and are approved, this program will supply with free baby formula and other necessities.

To see if you qualify, visit the official USDA website. Aside from WIC, the Medicaid program, again, if you qualify, may be able to help with reimbursement as well, but this will vary greatly from state to state. Through the Helping Hands program , parents may qualify for a one-time shipment of a particular formula product, either for free or at a greatly reduced cost.

12 freebies and discounts parents can get on nappies, food, wipes and baby equipment

Aside from WIC, some local food banks may carry baby formula for those in need and may be a great choice if you do not meet the requirements of WIC. To find a food bank near you, I recommend checking out FeedingAmerica. Like the food bank option, pregnancy centers may also be able to help in regards to helping pay for formula, diapers and other baby-related products.

These centers can also help provide services at no cost as well, including free tests, counseling, ultrasounds, support groups, referrals and so much more. Just like a food bank, there are probably a variety of these centers in your area, so to find one, I recommend you check out FindPregnancyHelp. Keep in mind, however, that Meijer may change the type of brands they prescribe, so to be on the safe side, call the pharmacy before asking for a prescription to ensure your prescription will be free.

Check with your local health department to see if they offer prenatal vitamins at no cost as most will carry them and give them away free of charge. As mentioned on the list already, many pregnancy care centers in your area will be more than happy to offer you free prenatal vitamins. The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as the ACA, as well as most other health insurance companies, WILL cover breast pump purchases, simply meaning you do not have to pay a cent out of pocket.

With some plans, the accessories will be included as well! To know for certain, be sure to have your insurance policy information readily available and talk with your insurance company directly if you have any questions in regards to your coverage. Many Safe Kids coalition groups throughout the United States offer either free or greatly reduced car seats. To see if you qualify and find a coalition near you, visit the official Safe Kids website.

The United Way has been said to help get you a car seat at no cost in no time as long as you qualify. Reading online, some people had a lot of great luck at their local health department as long as they sat through a to minute car safety class and met the eligibility requirements.

Upon completing the class, the department will then reward you with a free car seat or in some cases, a heavily discounted one. This WILL vary from city to city, so be sure to check with your local health department for more information. In the case you do not have a Safe Kids coalition nearby, talk with your local police or fire department as they will be able to direct you to a local resource. Many times, the hospital can provide a car seat, but you will have to prove your income in most circumstances.

Always purchase new or acquire one from a reputable group via one of the methods mentioned above. Since , the Cribs for Kids organization can help connect you with a provider who is able to provide your family with a free portable crib as long as you meet the minimum income requirements. Their goal is to help fulfill their mission by providing families with a safe sleep education and a safe sleeping environment for your infant. To learn more about the program, visit the official website at CribsforKids.

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Once you sign your child up for the program, you will continue to receive a book once a month in your mailbox until your child is five years old. I have found that as long as you have a tablet, your child will like it just as much as a physical book as many of these books have colorful illustrations. And while you can use a kindle, most models will not produce any colors and may not be as entertaining.

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Your results will vary, however! Be sure to check out this Kindle freebie list often since authors continue to add baby books for free quite often. Again, they seem to work best on a tablet, but the list is always changing, so be sure to bookmark this website and keep coming back for more updates! Working just like your local library, the Little Free Library works in the same way, wherein you can visit a location, grab a book, swap a book or even donate a book. Grab a book, donate a book or do both.

If you want a free book for your little one, this is a great cause you can continue to support as your little one continues to grow.